I Like You Better as a Monkey

by CHICKENANDROFLS & Laffe the Fox

Heard you're feelin' down And I wish that I could be around for you And I'm sorry that I'm not But I've got a thing I think might cheer you up I'm sorry it's this song Just hang in there, kid, it isn't very long And if you weren't so blind You could see that you need help And if you weren't so scared You could 'fide in someone else And if you weren't sure I would tell you life's not bad Just make some f***ing friends 'Cuz friends are f***ing rad And find a thing you like And take it from inside your head And make a thing that makes you happy 'Cuz pretty soon you're dead So just be glad that you're here now And try not to complain And if you think you have to At least be entertaining


Год: 2015
Продолжительность: 14:07
Битрейт: 320 kbp
Каталоговый номер: BL_44
Download: Bleep-Love.ru


released February 25, 2015

you can get it absolutely free of charge on - Bleep-Love.ru


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